GeneSolve Started by an Accident.

About five years ago, while I was riding my bike, I was hit and run over by a car. My left shoulder, arm, wrist and hand were shattered. After the surgery, I had external pins holding the bones in place while they healed. My cycling coach kept me training indoors at low intensity. After ten weeks the pins and casts were removed, and I was free to train hard again, but I found I could not ride with any sort of intensity. I continued to get weaker and weaker, until I could barely exercise for thirty minutes. I had gained 20lbs of fat and lost the same amount of muscle at an alarming rate, and I was constantly exhausted. I visited numerous doctors, they all suggested this was normal, and that I was just "getting old". I'd been racing at a professional level before the accident, including an 8-day non-stop race across Alaska in the winter; I didn't just "get old" all of a sudden. Something else was going on, but the doctors simply weren't taking the time to understand my situation.

When I finally went to see Dr. Richard Lee, he spent several hours with me getting my environmental and genetic history, and running extensive lab tests. He reviewed and assessed my body chemistry imbalances, which had suffered as a direct result of my accident and rehabilitation. When he started treatment, I started to feel better the very next day. After three months I was back to 95% of my former self, and felt great. After six months, I was at 99%, and racing competitively again.

My situation was unique, but the underlying principle stayed with me. I realized that many people, in many situations, could benefit from the same sort of analysis and treatment that I was able to find through Dr. Lee, and that it's not something that family doctors have the time or insight to address. My hope is that our company, and our unique approach to body chemistry can help others find the health, energy, and body that can only come from a personalized approach.
-- Jon Orban, CEO